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Compassion – Rehab – Recovery

Substance use counseling in Odenton Maryland.

Our experts provide assistance and substance use disorder education and treatment.


We provide compassionate assistance from professional substance use counselors that offer the utmost in respect to each patient.

Expert Care

We deliver expert care from a highly trained group of staff.

Personal Touch

We deliver a personalized form of therapy. Not one person is the same and we offer adaptive treatment strategies to help each individual.



Accessing our services can be an important step to unlocking a better quality of life for your future. If you are interested in learning more about the types of services we have to offer, here are some of the top services that are requested from our staff:

Substance Use Disorder Assessment & Treatment Services

An assessment is an important first step in the substance use treatment process. Information gathered during assessment plays an important role in identifying needs and making appropriate treatment recommendations. 

DUI/DWI Assessments & Educational Services

If you have been involved with a DUI or DWI, come into our offices and we can provide a treatment approach that can help you. 

Substance Use Disorder Education, Prevention & Referral Services

If you know someone that has had problems with substance use in the past, you can refer them to our services for education, prevention and recovery. Contact us today if you are also seeking educational resources or prevention assistance.  



Our unique treatment approaches can be tailored to every client based on their needs. We can create custom treatment approaches using our counselors and resources. It is our goal to make sure that you can enjoy freedom from addiction.

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling


Substance Use Counseling Experts.

We have qualified staff members that specialize in substance use counseling. These are professionals that have had decades of experience in substance use counseling and with clients struggling with many different forms of use. Through expert counseling approaches, the team here can create a customized use counseling treatment process based on the needs of each individual.



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Get The Support You Need! Our Experts Are Here to Help You! 

Contact one of our counselors today and we can schedule a treatment appointment to get you the support that you may need!

Our Certifications

Ferry Point, Inc. comes with decades of experience as well as professional certifications from the Maryland Department of Health and the ACHC.


The first step to recovery isn’t always easy. But it’s often the most important.

We want to help you or your loved one succeed in your recovery. Contact us today at (410) 674-8500 or simply message us via our contact form for your confidential consultation and get the help you need today.
The Greatest Gift To Give To People You Love Is Your Recovery. Ferry Point Inc. will have you “Sailing to Recovery”


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